How many Bottineau landmarks can you identify? Use the clues below to find them all for your chance to win prizes!
Call, email, or message the library with the answers to be put in the drawing for prizes!

  • Treat others as you would like to be treated. You also might go shopping here if you are going to a wedding.

  • They have been “Making people smile since the 1930’s one scoop at a time.”

  • He was born about 1817 and could speak 7 different languages.
  • He was built in Idaho by a man named Boots and traveled here on a couple of flatbed trucks.

  • What happened at the Stone Hotel in Bottineau on February 26th, 1909? Do an advanced search on Stop by the Bottineau County Museum yard to see what is left of the hotel.

  • Tomatoes are often grown in these to keep them warm. Dakota College at Bottineau says “you can look inside, but please don’t enter.”
  • Bottineau’s newest park that has a Frisbee golf course.

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